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Navigating Employment Discrimination Laws: Unveiling the Equal Pay Act’s Impact and Protections.
Sykes & Associates Law Firm

Introduction: In today’s workforce landscape, ensuring fair treatment and equal opportunities for all employees is paramount. Employment discrimination remains a concerning issue, prompting legal safeguards to protect workers’ rights. Sykes and Associates, a distinguished law firm specializing in employment discrimination cases, is dedicated to shedding light on crucial legal aspects. In this comprehensive blog post,…

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Navigating Asset Forfeiture: A Comprehensive Guide and How Law Firms Can Help
Sykes & Associates Law Firm

Explore the intricate world of asset forfeiture – a legal process where the U.S. Government seizes assets linked to criminal activities. Designed to disrupt criminal operations, deter illicit behavior, and provide restitution to victims, understanding your rights and options is paramount if your assets have been seized. In this extensive guide, we delve into the…

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Understanding Employment Discrimination
Sykes & Associates Law Firm

Understanding Employment Discrimination What Is Employment Discrimination? Employment discrimination is the unfair, unjust, or less favorable treatment of a job applicant or employee, because of that individual’s race, color, sex, religion, national origin or disability. Types of Discrimination in the Workplace Employment discrimination can take on various forms, as follows: Hiring Discrimination: Hiring discrimination occurs…

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I needed an attorney to help me recover unpaid wages from an employer. I did not know where to start, so I did a Google...

C. Stewart M.D

He is a honest, very professional and hard working lawyer. I liked his empathy with my problem. He helped me to understand my...


I appreciate how reliable and hardworking Mr. Sykes was throughout the duration of my case. I didn’t have much hope in the...


Thanks to Sykes & Associates, I received the compensation I needed to cover my medical expenses and support my family. They...

Dominique N.

I couldn't have asked for a better legal team. They truly cared about my case and fought hard to ensure I was treated fairly...

Cassie C.

The attorneys at Sykes & Associates are true advocates for justice. They stood by me every step of the way and ensured my...

Ian K.

Mr. Sykes fought for my rights in federal court when no one else would. Yes, I consulted with about five different law firms...

Tina L.

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