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Civil Rights Lawyers Protecting Your Rights And Fighting For Justice

Over the years, we have litigated various civil rights cases and issues to include

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Police brutality and misconduct

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Employment discrimination

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Civil rights discrimination

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Wrongful conviction

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Wrongful Death

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Malicious prosecution/false arrest

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Prisoner rights

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Housing/real estate discrimination

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Election law and voting rights

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Unlawful search and seizure

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What Should You Do If You Believe
Your Rights Have Been Violated?

Seek Legal Advice.png

Seek Legal Advice

Litigating civil rights cases requires an in-depth knowledge of both federal and state discrimination laws as well as the various statute of limitations and pre-conditions to filing suit. It is a complex process that requires the help of an experienced civil rights attorney. At Sykes & Associates, we provide a free consultation to answer your questions and evaluate your claim.

Document the Discrimination.png

Document the Discrimination

In some cases, the wrongful action or discrimination is abundantly clear. However in most of these cases, the wrongful action or discrimination is subtle, making it difficult to prove. As best as you can, document the discriminatory acts and maintain a paper trail.

Report the Report the Discrimination 02.png

Report the Discrimination

Report the discrimination to make an official record.

Pursue Legal Action.png

Pursue Legal Action

If it is determined that you have a viable case, commence legal action promptly, before the statute of limitation expires. At Sykes & Associates, a civil rights lawyer will determine whether you have a viable claim and if so, begin the formallitigation process.

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